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A week ago, a chat with a friend and former colleague, who happens to be a really good writer, made me realize that this section can’t be all pretentious like the rest of the lifestyle or personal blogs out there. Oftentimes, I like to think that just because I’ve been to plenty of good and reputable restaurants, I’m already legit enough to comment on how fascinating a food is or how “it serves the best California Maki in the city.” 
My friend highlighted good points asking, albeit rhetorically: “What makes you an expert in the subject?”, “Have you eaten enough maki in your lifetime to know what you’re talking about?”, “Have you been to all maki places in the city?” So I have to be careful with how I present my so-called reviews, she seem to say. 
Being an avid lifelong learner and considering that D, my friend, really is a legit writer, one who’s worked for publications, I took those comments to heart.

That said, I like to start off this category with a disclaimer: I think I will never be a food expert in that the number one reason why I go to restos is because I want to experience what others experience when they go there. To illustrate, I simply want to know if it is as good in the photos, as people say, and as it looks when I’m outside looking in as it is in when I’m in there eating. I’m all for how it feels to be in there by myself or with family or friends. I consider the ambience, the service, and how magical the photos come out when you take snaps in there. It is never usually for just the food and for the love it. I hope you keep that in mind as I post about food trips.

Also, when I look for good places to dine online or through friends, I am more particular about reputation and price points; those are the things you’ll most likely read about on here. The actual taste of the food is not as important; although, if it’s beyond average or below, you’ll definitely hear about it.
So here we go… Happy virtual food tripping!

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