My First Taste of the Blogging Community (Thanks, PLDT!)

7:44:00 AM

About a week after my very first taste of what it feels like to be a part of an actual and legit blogging community, I now have my back against the wall in terms of deadline. "We don't want a stale blow-by-blow account of an event", I was informed. So here's a rundown of what happened on that very lucky 6th day of August 2016.

Pokemon Go PH launched. Finally. 

I made the fortunate decision to wear something similar to a Pokemon trainer avatar. I swear it wasn't premeditated. I only realized how awesome my timing was when I stepped out the door. Props to the brother for indulging my spur-of-the-moment idea to OOTD. He took this photo:

A photo posted by Roxe🇵🇭 (@roxezayn) on

I met my forever. For that week. Hello, Michael Pangilinan! I swooned far too many times. Thanks, SmartBro for the bringing the SmartBrokada ambassadors to Davao, Queen MJ Lastimosa included. She is drop-dead gorgeous. But since I've always been open about how boy-crazed I am, I'm sure my unflinching fascination with the male singer is forgivable. About 90% sure.

Image: Jojie Alcantara

I got major flashbacks of some of my best times in college - thanks to no less than the Asia's Songbird herself, as well as PLDT Home, for bringing her here.

It was my mom's birthday, which sadly became just an afterthought because of everything else that was happening. She decided to spend her birthday weekend in Manila with the sister and the Dad. Boo. But then again, it was probably for the best. I would have been pestered to make a collage (which she does year after year) and I wouldn't have had the time to oblige.

The 3D Museum made her forget that all I did was sent her a quick text. Thank goodness.

I met the wonderful people that make up Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. I only had the pleasure of getting acquainted with them through Facebook until that day. Shout-out to the beautiful Jean of for inviting me to join. I fangirl-ed a bit especially when I met the vloggers Kissey and JLab. I had never actually met vloggers in person until that day so I was gushing. Mostly though, I just wore a dumdum look on my face for not knowing who's who. Someone has been living under a rock.

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  1. Yay. Welcome to the world of blogging. Hoping to read more of your writings. :)

  2. Special mention jud mi.. Ahaha! :D

    Well, it's a pleasure to meet you there at the event. Hope to see you in the events! :D


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