Smart Bro's #BestDealEver for Snatching an iPad Mini 2

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I've always wanted an iPad. I've never actually owned one. I always thought a phone with a huge screen is just the better option: You only need one device for everything - scheduling, reading, communicating. Until last week. When I almost had the chance to own one. When it would have been handed to me by no less than the drool-worthy singer Michael Pangilinan. When it could have come with a peck on the cheek.

It should really be illegal to have that much talent in all that hotness.

But I missed out.

Kissey was lucky enough to get handpicked. *sniffles*

Michael asked if there's a working female in the audience who wanted to go on stage and have the honor of standing right next to him. I'm sure that's not what he said but that's what I heard. 

I missed out because the thought of falling flat on my face when I go up was unbearable. My knees get all wobbly around pretty boys.

That's Khel Pangilinan's hanky.

Thankfully, all is not lost. I can still own one. You can own one.

Smart Bro, the leading mobile broadband brand under Smart Communications Inc, invites us to welcome change with their best deal ever. Enjoy high-speed surfing on your own iPad Mini 2 for only P599/month. Just in time for Kadayawan 2016, this exclusive package includes 1.7GB data of their fast and reliable LTE technology plus the iPad Mini 2. If you spend around Php100 for load every week, then switching from prepaid wouldn't feel much of a switch with this plan.

The monthly service fee is actually just Php299. The Php300 is the installment for the iPad. I think that's a really good deal. I'm not sure what happens when you reach the max data. But I don't think you'll have to worry about that - at least not for the first three months of your subscription. During those months, you'll get to enjoy free 1.1GB of video streaming for YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. 

The product launching was held at Home Crest Hotel last August 6, 2016. This was just one of many stops for the Smart Brokada road trip across the country. They've already been to Manila, Baguio, Bohol, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu and Ilocos and as of that launching day, are set to visit Olongapo, Zamboanga, Bulacan and Iloilo. We had the pleasure of meeting Bb. Pilipinas-Universe MJ Lastimosa and singer Michael Pangilinan.

The arm-grabbing got me reeling, I kid you not.
(Image: Jojie Alcantara)

The rest of the cities might get the chance to meet the other Brokada celebrities as well: athletes Gretchen Ho, Michelle and Mark Gumabao, singer Christian Bautista and Ms. International 2013 Bea Santiago.

Here are some more snaps from the event. (Images: Jojie Alcantara)

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