Spectrum Brings World-Class Filipino Talents to Davao for Kadayawan 2016!

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I am very excited about the Kadayawan Festival this year because I'm actively participating in promoting it. The emotional investment is just way up there when you're doing the dirty work yourself. That said, I got the chance to join a colleague from Davao Digital Influencers, Dave of Tellpenpen, who happens to writes for Davao Eagle as well, in attending a press conference from one of this year's Kadayawan highlights: the Invasion Tour!

I've long had this fascination for Invasion because my first music festival ever was their Buglasan 2014. It was one of the more memorable experiences in my life: I met DJ Jet Boado up close and have been crushing on the guy ever since. As I real-time posted on IG my Invasion experience, the Spectrum team were sending me love, leaving Spectrum "loves you" comments on my posts, which you'd love too if you were just getting over a 6-year relationship. I also was able to make friends during and we're all still friends until now.

It was such a feel-good event, the memory simply stuck with me. This is why I'm always excited when they're in town or in the town I happen to be visiting at the moment. Other than Davao, the Invasion Tour also stops in major cities like Bacolod, Cebu and Iloilo.

Invasion is more than just a musical production. While promoting musical acts, they also help boost interest in local tourism since they organize their Invasion Tour around a city's major festival such as Cebu's Sinulog and, well, Davao's Kadayawan. As someone who's always seeking for a more profound reason for doing something, their mission strikes a chord with me. I'm very proud that I chose to go all out with my support for the Spectrum team.

Spectrum Philippines produces the Invasion tour. It is a Philippine professional full-service events and entertainment company that provides innovative production, and media and consultancy for artists, brands, and consumers. They are at the forefront of technology and trends so you know your senses are in for a real treat when you're joining one of their shows.

The Venue

For this year's Kadayawan Invasion, the venue will be set up like this:

There's lots of space to chill with your friends and plenty more to make new ones. The food park is also unique in that they've picked out only those that will highlight Davao's food culture. You can count on plenty of fruit varieties to choose from as well as some familiar street faves. 

The Music

This year, the Spectrum team will showcase in its massive stage an international-standard show production that includes a world-class, all-Filipino DJ line-up. Young actor turned international DJ, Tom Taus, will be headlining the show. Check out his Ultra Korea gig in this vid:

Joining Tom are the duo Motherbass: Nix Damn P! + drummer Macky Brillantes, it'll be their first time to perform on Mindanao soil. Talents Inno Naugit, Funk Avy and 3x hypeman of the year Mc Paolo will be there too. Davao's very own Jack Ripper will be setting the mood. I think it's wise to try and make it there when gates open at 5pm. It'll be the best way to make the most out of the event. (Actually just a note-to-self as I'm notoriously known for not making it to a party until around 11pm-ish. I've a good feeling that this time around it'll be different.)

That said, I'm really looking forward to how everything pans out. The brothers Onozawa said they've upgraded the technical side of their production and that security will also be very stringent. We were informed there won't be any opportunity for party crashers to make their own little festivity outside of the site. I know how that goes. My friends and I have done that on one too many occasions for other similar "rave parties" They want to make sure that those within the vicinity will be safe and the best way to ensure that is to only allow ticket holders to pass.

There's also this cool, uh, feature, if you will, of the Invasion Tour: they'll have Spectrum Cares deployed in the area. This is a team of Spectrum insiders in party-goer disguises looking out for guests so the latter won't have too much fun that they won't have a memory of their experience the very next day. The whole team wants to make sure that each guest's Invasion experience will be a safe and memorable one. Again, I couldn't be any prouder.

Spectrum aims to give those who do not live in the capital city an opportunity to experience a festival that is aligned with the higher standards in Manila. This covers not just the meticulous technical production but also the well-planned security measures. 

I hope to see you all there and have us all share Invasion moments together! Get more information about the event at http://www.spectrum.ph/invasiondavao. You can also follow their social handles and get to know their hashtags to get ready for the events. Click on the links spread out in bold all over this article.

Lastly, and I know it's worth mentioning, there will be FREE WIFI in the whole event area thanks to Smart! I hear two huge antennae will be setup. Just don't forget to say 'Hi!' to the people at the Smart booth to get the passwords.

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