Norde PH Davao Opening Had Me Going Cray Over 3D Technology

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I didn't know attending an event about machinery and equipment could end up being so cool and fun. I'm sure you've heard of 3D printing but I'm not all too sure if most of us have really seen the thing up close - like get to physically touch it or see it print stuff seemingly out of thin air. It was like being in the future except the future was where I was standing that morning of 14th September 2016.

Norde International invited us to the grand opening of their first Mindanao office which is located at 1&2, Right Wing, FRDC Complex, Davao Golf Club Road, Quimpo Blvd., Davao City. The company provides equipment for businesses that cover printing, publication, sign and display, finishing, fabrication, and packaging. They carry world-leading brands including HPKornit, GMG, Pantone and Esko. They also have 3D equipment from Stratasys, Artec 3D, Lulzbot and Mcor (stuff I'm sure those who are technically-inclined are familiar with. I'm not as lucky.)

The event was unique in that it provided us a tour of the whole space as well as a learning session of how each equipment can provide better digital solutions for the design, printing and fabrication industry, including others I've mentioned earlier. It really opened my eyes to how far technology has come and how, as someone from the Norde team said, your imagination is the only limit now.

HP Indigo Printer

Accurate and fast laser printing.

Check out the quality you can get from this laser printer. 

It can print on an extended range of substrates: canvas, synthetics, metalized media; coated, uncoated, colored and dark papers, and paperboard; to name a few. It plays with inks really well: You get to have glow effects and photo portrait quality.

Life in 3D 

This Artec 3D hand-held scanning device's applications include reverse engineering, quality control and inspection, product customization, body scanning, health care and heritage preservation. 

In my case, it's good for the vanity and for checking how well you can blend your makeup. Or if your makeup blends well. Whichever floats your boat.

3D printers come in industrial types and desktop ones. Desktops (Lulzbot) are good for hobbyists - I guess that includes Marvel fans always wanting their own collectibles. 

Industrial types (Stratasys) are great for companies that need to get prototypes tested and scrutinized so they make significantly fewer, if not zero costly mistakes.

Some of the 3D Printed Items in the Norde office:


This made a few of us "ooh and aah!" in unison. It's eco-friendly. It prints to garment in 5 minutes. It prints on buttons (although that'd fade after a while). And so long as the print is still wet, you can wash it off! Useful when you've messed up your design. No smears. Or so we're told. So you can just dry off the material and print on it again.

Etching, Engraving, Embossing and Other Finishing Solutions

From precision-cut models to laser-cut clothing, Norde has the machine to turn complicated jobs to simple processes that you can repeat to develop unique and personalized products. 

Carves on wood!

It even prints on tiles!

Specialty Papers

I guess I got all too excited about this than normal because the past weeks, I've been working on our company calling cards. The powers-that-be are very particular about paper quality. Glad I now have the option to get these great paper for laser printing.

From paper that can withstand extreme heat to one that's perfect for glow in the dark prints. The possibilities are endless.

Really looks like actual wood, this one.

And so much more!

All of these you can find at the Norde PH Davao office. Visit them today to get your own taste of the latest in digital technology. 

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