Of Kylie Lip Kit Koko K, Nude Lipsticks and Prepping Up

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At the DDI AP party, one of the beauty bloggers was
enough to pull me from the side and get me into the beauty(ful) bloggers' group photo. 24 hours later, I decided that I might actually be able to pull this off.

I take full responsibility for looking ever so awkward.

Why I Started Caring Again

I have gone corporate again. Gone are the days when I didn't have to wear makeup to a freelance job I can do at home, at parts of the day that are of my own choosing, and in front of the computer where I don't have to face people. (I kind of still miss it.)

Why I Decided to Invest in a Good Lip Partner (First and Foremost)

It was at a meeting with the big bosses about a month back that made me think how bad my arsenal of beauty kits had been the past two years. The realization came when, after 3 sips of my coffee, the coat from my 2-year-old lipstick stuck to my cup and I ended up looking really drab. That said, I decided to get myself a few stuff and luckily had a few stuff given to me to try too!

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My Love and Hate for the Au Naturel Look

I'm really all for the no-makeup makeup. In fact, if my skin were as good as I wanted it to be, I'd prefer to wear no makeup at all except for lipstick. But alas, fate isn't so kind. I despise the pores that like to present themselves in broad daylight.

They actually look worse than this photo, the pores. But I'm not about to disparage myself any further.

(I have high hopes that all that is going to change with my new SoE beauty regimen though!)

Love at First Sight with Kylie

That said, my first target was a reliable, long-wearing nude lipstick. I saw one of my friends wear the currently popular Kylie Lip Kit. It looked good and was very matte - which I really like. I'm not too keen on glossy at the moment. The packaging was pretty and it looked really pricey on her lips. #katkat

A few weeks after, I had one of my close friends post that she's selling authentic ones, complete with posts of her receipts from her online purchases. That pretty much sealed the deal. Oh, and the fact that when I asked around for prices, I found out that hers were the lowest. (Disclaimer, I only surveyed friends who are more in-the -know about online shopping than I am.)

Deciding on the Color

Needless to say, settling on a color for a Php2k plus lip kit is a commitment I wasn't too excited about getting into. I wanted something I can wear day and night and with any outfit. Nude was the best choice but which nude though?

I decided to Google each of the Kylie Lip Kit colours my friend has available in her online store. I used the search terms: Filipina skin or Asian skin + the Kylie Lip Kit colour. 

I eventually zeroed in on Koko K.

I do not regret it one bit. It's not too pink or too brown. It's just the right shade of pink.

Above is the product on this blogger's lips with some afternoon light gushing in from your left and indoor light bulb from your right. I used Ellana Lip Scrub before applying. (Special thanks to Ms. Kaye of Beauty Reveal for my Ellana Lip Kit!)

What's in the Box?

It comes with a lip liner and a liquid lipstick.


I know you're supposed to line your lips first, but I choose to coat my lips with the liquid lipstick and then line it. Because rebel. The product smells really good and it glides on nice and evenly. An absolute dream to wear. From experience, I find that the less pricey ones are a bit harder to apply smoothly and evenly.

Wear and Care

I find that the Kylie Liquid Lipstick stays on if you're simply sipping water throughout the day but when you eat, much of it goes away, from right about the center of your entire lips to the mid part. However, it doesn't completely abandon you so so you won't exactly end up pale. Although, I guess that depends on what you're eating as well.

From experiment, I also think it holds better if you put some lip balm on before applying. (Props to my girl friends for the tip.) This also keeps your lips from getting too dry. Matte lipsticks can be truly drying. But they stay longer than glossier ones (or so I read) and that's the trade-off.


So there you have it! If you're interested in getting an authentic Kylie Lip Kit, simply hop on to my friend Ghe's IG or Facebook page and place your order. She ships fast. She also has other Kylie products.

A photo posted by Kylie Cosmetics by Geh Blanco (@kyliecosmeticsbygehblanco) on

Too Many Words For a Lip Product

All this talk for a lipstick, geez!

I lost the kit about 3 days after it arrived. It was gone for whole 5 days. Then I found it. This post is a thank you to the beauty gods. Someone up there loves me and my unruly bum.

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