Being a Davao Digital Influencer is Living the Dream

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I'm from Cebu. Born and raised there until I was twelve. We lived in CDO next. After which, the whole family decided to move to Davao. When the family said they were going to move again, I opted out. I said, I'd rather go back to Cebu. I lasted for but a year in Cebu, with my rebellious streak and hormonal spikes thanks to puberty. They shipped me to Davao the next school year - my senior year in HS. You can just imagine how lost that made me feel. I moved to a city where I was graduating high school.

I thought I'd never love a city as much as I love Cebu. Family was there and so many fond childhood memories. But when I stepped foot in Davao, I slowly grown to love the place. The people were warm and kind. They weren't all up in your business but they also don't leave you alone to fend for yourself.

This is the same kind of welcome I got when I joined DDI, the Davao Digital Influencer. It's no secret how attached I've become to this group. Despite having multiple "rackets", if you will, I make it a point to see them or attend an event where I get the chance to be with the people from the community.

Four things that make me love being a Davao Digital Influencer:

1. I'm a social media enthusiast. Everyone I've know since forever know how much I fangirl over many thing and promote them via social media in the loudest manner possible. Being able to share my experience and what I've been up to to friends, family and people I've met from going around via social media is such a wonderful gift. Few people ever truly understand what a great tool social media is. There's too much bashing on what it's done for people and too little appreciation for what it can do for relationships.

I don't text people and I change numbers like I change crushes (ha!) so getting in touch by just broadcasting makes it easier to connect when my friends and I finally do decide to meet up or pick up that phone to talk.

2. I love Davao. That's also something that I've been boasting way before I became part of the blogging community. I love the people - like I've mentioned earlier, I love the food - cheap, fresh, varied, and I love the culture.

Being official with DDI, a Davao-oriented community, allowed me to get to know this city more. I continue to be amazed with what Davao has become: I've seen it turn into a bustling city that still maintains its peace and order and still with its helpful, honest culture that's as warm as I first set foot here. It's a beautiful thing to behold and experience. That's why it saddens me when horrible events like last night's bombing happen. No words can truly express how much it hurts to see the people and city you love get destroyed by something so senseless as hate and have your own kabayan choose to ignore empathy and love just so they can prove themselves right politically (or so they think). But I digress. It's a great time to be an influencer and be in a community because it makes you accountable for what you share. All of us are helping each other become better at being a good influence, to share with proper forethought.

3. I love learning. Learning means growth and I think that life is a level-up game where we shouldn't ever stay static at all. I was raised to be very shy and reserved and even afraid of people. I didn't have to interact much growing up. I would rather read and study than be with people. 

Slowly, over the years, I pushed myself to overcome every fear I have of people and being vulnerable. From showing how I truly feel and what I can do, to opening up to people and letting them in on my life and my work, as a Davao Digital Influencer, you learn to grow with people and take critique with a grain of salt and as a way to make yourself better and make other around you better too.

4. Lastly, I get all excited about getting people hyped up to do the things they've always wanted to do with their lives, to face their fears one day at a time and to have the courage to reach for their goals. Being a Davao Digital Influencer gives me the opportunity to raise my platform and increase my mileage. We're getting people to find out more about what's happening in Davao and at the same time encouraging to be live the lives they want through how we live our lives: conquering fears one day at a time. We all want to make an impact. It's in each one of us. DDI is here to get everyone to do just that. 

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