On Individuality and Accountability - My Thoughts After the DDI Acquaintance Party

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The AP last September 3rd was so much fun. But before anything else, let me just say that I don't think I'll ever tire of saying how grateful I am to have become a part of DDI. Joining the community is one of those cliche stories of someone trying to make things happen for themselves by just taking the first step in faith. All it takes is courage and eventually one thing will lead to another.

The Event was held at Marco Polo and was beautifully decorated by PREP. The theme was "Denim and Diamonds" - I find it really unique. It's like saying you can stay elegant even when you're all casual'd up in denim. I like contrasts and this is one for the books.

That said, the party was a massive success: Attendance was excellent despite the Roxas tragedy the night before. In the midst of the chaos, and I hope I speak for everyone in the community, everyone managed to continue on with their lives with a goal that's more than just personal now. We've all come to realize how much we can do to promote peace whilst reaching for our own goals at the same time.

I was particularly moved by the speech Sir Art Boncanto, the Asec for the Department of Tourism, gave. I wish I had it on video. The gist of it is that he hopes that we use our influence to promote peace especially in the Mindanao region. That really struck a chord with me since I so easily get caught up in my own little world. While it's great to keep a positive vibe, it's also important to stay informed and in touch with what's happening around you.

The Little Girl in Me

I enjoyed having to play dress-up. It's been a while since I've actually taken the time to think about what to wear. I just found the utilitarian way of living - wearing similar outfits every day more convenient. Pros: Won't have to spend that much time on what to wear and will have all that extra time for other errands instead. It also feels very Steve Job-ish. Con: Looking like how you looked yesterday.

Running Late 

I had healthy helpings of 'cassava cake' (I got reprimanded) for coming in late (again) and failing to meet to my commitment to host the show. I may have laughed it off in front of my peers but it's really made me think about the word "no". I have this really bad habit of saying "yes" to anything without checking my calendar if I can truly make it and do last-minute edits to my schedule to accommodate what's right in front of me, forgetting what came before. A really bad habit. Again, I'll be keeping this in mind in the days and events to come. I've said this before, it's nice to be a part of a group and be held accountable for your actions.

The Program

The entire program was entertaining, no dead air. At least as far as the hours as I was there were concerned. (I missed about an hour and a half.) A few things that stood out to me:

Trivia night. Trivia nights are always exciting. There's nothing like bonding with peers to beat any competition. *wink*)

Sir Art Boncanto's speech. As mentioned earlier, this part made me think about being a responsible cog in the wheel.

The group pictorials. They were taken by the talented Rhonson Ng!

Random meet and greets. Having someone come up to you and meeting someone whose blog you've run across, it's almost surreal. Special hi to iamthecoffeechic!

katkatrocks.com, iamthecoffeechic.com, palraine.com, and pinoyteens.net (LtoR)


There were tons of prizes and they were actually pretty good, things you'd fight for and over - like round trip tickets to Taiwan, courtesy of Cebu Pacific; gift certificates for premium restaurants and superstores in Davao City. Even the consolation prizes were very rewarding to have. I especially like my Biscoff and SMB flavored beers. I love plenty of coffee and just a hint of alcohol served throughout my week so I got all giddy.

That instax print tho!

Makeup is love. Thanks Ever Bilena and M! Magazine

I guess I'm increasing my cuppa to five-a---day!

Always a favorite!

The healthy oil!


Thank you to all our sponsors for the immense support for our cause! All of us at Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. are very grateful.

Extra! Fangirl Mode

Also very surprised and kilig at the warm welcome the BOD gave to everyone. I got to join a few of them at the after-party at Eagle's and the Marco Polo Lounge. They were really nice to me and my PeXelle partner, Dave. A big thank you to them for sharing their Kai Artisan Chocolates and introducing us to the Marco Polo gourmet Iced Tea, as well as showering us with an I-forget-I'm-talking-to-blogging-bigwigs warm welcome.

This iced tea doesn't water down and you can only get it from Marco Polo.
(LtoR) this blog, misslitratista.com, escapemanila.com, davaofoodtographer.com, davaoeagle.com, myteenagekidandme.com 

That said, I hope you follow the DDI group on Facebook. Coolbuster also came up with a page that links to the influencers' respective pages here. You'll find that while we talk about different things and through different means, we're all alike in our goal to share our thoughts and experiences to hopefully inspire others to make the most out of life.

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