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Last night I got to spend time with the girls. We don't get to hang out as much because of work but it's always a time well spent when I'm with them. These are some of the best girl friends you can ever have: grounded, goal-oriented, caring, thoughtful, real and damn stylish. Charaught. They found out about this place called Taishozan. I'm glad I didn't bail on them this time.

Before you proceed, please read my Good Eats disclaimer. I want to make sure you read my resto reviews with the lowest of expectations when it comes to my expertise in food - because it is non-existent. But I like to hang out and I like food and I love new experiences. That's pretty much the gist of that blog entry.

The Location

It's easy to find. I mean, it was supposed to be easy to find but I don't know how we ended up in Loyola and had to walk to the mini complex where it's really at. It's in Obrero. Their Facebook page should give you the exact location. Wouldn't hurt to thumbs up them if you end up liking the place. I did.

The Look and Feel

I like the cozy feel of the place. I always get excited with awesome interiors. And if I feel that way, imagine how giddy my artistic, nurse friend Kat must feel. I was grateful that she was there to take the photos. Look how pretty she captured the whole place in these snaps.

Shu and Kim take great photos too except they direct those talents towards beauty - theirs. (Ha! Peace, girls!) These three have an eye for design and you can see it through their daily wear, their homes, and the parties they organize. They organize mini parties for friends. One of these days, I'll blog about some of their work.

The Service

Presentation is everything and in this one, we are loving the kimono-wearing waitresses! They're also very pretty and polite and accommodating. Food was served on time and with grace. They let us take photos of them and they took photos of us. Water was served without asking for it. Great service in my book.

The Food

Absolutely the best! (Again, keep in mind the disclaimer.) I like how balanced the taste of each meal was. I haven't really tasted authentic Japanese food but I base my review on how everything rolled on my palate at that time I was eating them.

My favorite so far was the seafood ramen even though the girls said it was a bit bland for their taste. Maybe because I've had too much of salty and sweet the past few days. I welcome the peace the ramen offered.

Seafood Ramen. Php 199.00

The girls loved the Takoyaki. I'm a fan too! It's unfortunate I didn't get to spend as much time to savor it as I did on the ramen. I just know that it isn't starchy at all compared to where we usually get it which is at a stall in a mall.

Takoyaki. Php 199.00

California Maki is a must for me. I'm glad the girls and I share the same love for this rice roll. This one did an awesome job pleasing this blogger's taste buds!

California Maki. Php 129.00

The Price

We were surprised it didn't cost us that much. We aren't big eaters and we're one of those girls who try and watch their weight. So hurray for affordable food trips! I hope the captions give you an idea of the price range and get your troops ready to sulong soon.

Special thanks to the Taishozan people for the complimentary watermelon!

Sweet and watery!


Divide and conquer

"Thanks, love! But can't you just give your artistic sensibilities to me?"

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