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How I Heard about Mysterescape and Why My Excitement

I heard about Mysterescape some time in 2015 and instantly thought of it as the local version of one of my favorite TV shows growing up, The Crystal Maze, which I used to religiously watch back in the 90s.

Now, you've to understand one thing about me: I like the idea of being smart except I'm probably not as smart as I hope I were but not as, uh, not-smart either. Being smart is important. In fact, two of the things that make me drool and jolt me out of bed every morning is the idea that I am going to be the female version of Iron Man and, two, I'll solve the Rubik Cube in record speed today. Iron Man with or without his armor can maneuver his way out of any situation and he does so while having more than enough humor to defuse a tense and even deadly situation. And I've never solved the Rubik's cube.

So you can just imagine how the idea of being a clever contestant in a real maze without losing my chill or humor is sort of, and if you've been following you should get used to this phrase by now, "a dream come true". I would also equate solving a maze to solving the Rubik's Cube. Mysterescape offers the right environment to turn my fantasies into a reality.

Thanks Mysterescape and KetchuptheLatest!

So I finally got my first shot at testing my detective skills or lack of it through Mysterescape. I got an invite to celebrate their first year anniversary via one of the mommy bloggers. Warmest thanks to Mommy A-an for the invite and to the Mysterescape people for the free access and for taking our photos while we were inside. Rules say you're not allowed to bring your things inside.

Mysterescape celebrated their anniversary by giving media people a chance to enjoy the one of the game rooms.  I've been putting off this experience for more than a year and I guess the law of attraction decided to lend a hand .

The Mysterescape Experience

So there we were, faced with the important decision on which room to get ourselves locked in for an hour. Our egos were on the line.

We chose The Survival Game. It was one of the three rooms that Mysterescape offers this season. We were informed it was the most difficult. (I bet they say that about all the games. Hmf.)

The Survival Game's storyline involves you and your friends getting kidnapped. You will literally hear a clock ticking as you find your way out by finding clues, solving puzzles,  and getting keys that lead to the final door out. The level of difficulty increases as you get closer to the end.

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We solved about 90% of The Survival Game. Short for 'we got killed but we died trying'. It's a source of comfort that it was the most difficult room to solve. Ego trip.

Mysterescape updates their game rooms every few months to give detective-wannabes or hopefuls (whatever floats your boat) the chance to solve a new puzzle each time. You need only to like their Facebook page or their website to get updates. The other two rooms you can choose from this season include Redrum:A Mystery and The Girl in the Mirror.

Have a Strategy or Plan of Attack 

My advice is that you go inside rooms with a strategy. I think one way to do it is to group yourselves into helpers and thinkers for a certain amount of time. Say, for 20 mins, players A and B get to rack their brains out for solutions and players D, E and C will be the, uh, soldiers/helpers who shall follow captain thinkers A and B's commands. Players then switch roles after the 20 minutes are up and then switch again.

I just thought of that strategy now as I write this so I'm not sure how effective that will be in practice. They say those who can't do teach.

Cool Date Idea for When Regular Dates Aren't Giving You the Kick Anymore

Hoping to give Mysterescape a try again next time. It's a refreshing break from the usual group dates. Might even be a good test of character if you're dating someone. If your S.O. screams at you for not solving the puzzle on time or shrieks (when you weren't expecting them to shriek like so) after hearing gun fires, then you've got some serious decisions to make when you get out.

Where is Mysterescape and How Can You Book a Room?

Mysterescape is located right across Davao Water District. Go inside that little alley beside Diamond KTV and you'll find a narrow gate with stairs. A view of the tiny entrance and you'll already get a feel of the mystery you'll be getting yourself into. You can book also book the game online. Click here.

If you're competitive, you'll hate being so close to winning and, er, not winning. So try not to lose. Easy. Most importantly, have fun! I hope you don't get to solve it too ;)

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