Better Sobber! This Valentines Day, Say it With May

8:40:00 PM

I didn't think he'd gobble down two bottles in less than 24 hours. He did.

I introduce you to my favorite person, Pedro (That's his hand in the photo below). My constant companion slash therapist slash motivational coach slash arm candy slash boyfriend for the past 48 weeks and I'm surprised we haven't gotten past the hands-all-over-you, clinger-stage-5, uh, phase yet. So much so that we ended up working on my MAY Non-alcoholic 100% Sparkling Grape Juice review together.

I'm an alcohol-lovin' person. I enjoy the buzz, the reckless abandonment towards life without inhibitions that alcohol grants can be pretty intoxicating and addicting. Peter, on the other hand, wantonly abandons to life without inhibitions regardless of the presence of alcohol. I envy him. 

Despite this difference in our drinking habits, which often is a source of dispute as he thinks alcohol would be the end of me, we both agree on how satisfyingly good May Sparkler is. We found our favorite go-to drink.

May Sparkling Grape Juice tastes like red wine (we had the red grape variant) except it doesn't make you fuzzy. The grape flavor is distinct and evident with each sip and the texture, noticeably rich compared to the other brands we tried. (We had a couple of sips of two other brands when we opened our first May bottle.)

May is sweet but not bitingly so - just enough to tease your taste buds. It's refreshing, a real thirst quencher - no dry mouth feels like the ones you get after an alcoholic drink. I was informed that it's made of freshly pressed grapes and is a product of Belgium. Fancy!

If you haven't decided on your drinks for tomorrow's Valentine's Day celebration, I say go for May. The significant levels of carbon dioxide gives it its fizz and sparkle which is how you get this surprising burst of flavor in your mouth. Shake it off to pop the cork too, if you want to take it up a notch. Turly a perfect way to celebrate if you want to have fun but not too much fun. 

MAY is also fairly affordable at Php180. So go on ahead to your favorite Winery or Juices section and splurge on a bottle or two for a date with yourself (Netflix and May chill), your boylet or your barkada. I'm already reserving one bottle for a date with my girls at the beach tomorrow. 

If you do want to have a bit more fun, May Sparkling Grape Juice can be mixed to create your favorite cocktail or mocktail. In my case, I simply added my May Sparkler glass with about a shot of red wine which instantly made me tipsy - I'd say it took less than 3 minutes. They say carbon makes your body absorb alcohol faster. Wink, wink. 

Or you can try this Sangria mocktail.

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  1. So privileged to have met Pedro (Bisag kadali lang). To love and forever, Cheers to Roxy and Pedro! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Pedro says hi, Mam Verns:) Thank you for dropping by and for believing in forever;) <3 Hope your Valentine's Day was as delightful as May!!


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