Sarah G Live and Unplugged in Davao!

12:50:00 PM

She dances, she sings, she acts and she does all three superbly (a real triple threat or treat!) So much so that if she chose to just be one of these three (actress, songstress, dancer), she'd do immensely well all the same. She'll be kicking off my summer this March with her The Great Unknown Concert Live here in Davao.

Sarah Geronimo has certainly become the gold standard for how a popstar should be. As I've always been one to admire people with too many talents, I'm all too excited to finally have the opportunity to blissfully birit with no less the popstar royalty herself at her The Great Unknown Concert this 3rd March - even if it's just in my seat and not in a studio (ha!). 

If you're just as ecstatic as I am to see her live, here are the concert details:

The Great Unknown will be held at at the SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier. 

Show starts at 8:00pm and ticket prices are as follows:

VIP - Php3,600 (reserved seating)
VIP - Php2,750 (free seating) 
Gold - Php1,690 (free seating) 
Silver - Php 998 (free seating) 
GA - Php630 (as of time of writing, these seats are sold out)

You can purchase your tickets at the Ground Floor of SM Lanang Premier (below the escalator beside Marks and Spencer or via SM Tickets Online (you can see seating chart on the site too). You may also contact 0916 749 5883 for more inquiries about the concert. 

If you're interested in sponsoring the event, send an email to 

EKG Productions are the executive producers of the show. Massive props to them for bringing Sarah G here in Davao! *hearts* You can find out more about the entertainment production here

The Great Unknown Unplugged LIVE IN DAVAO is the replace of the postponed Sarah G. From The Top last June 2016. So if you've tickets from that one, you can use it for this one without additional cost.

If you're interested in happily linking arms with me and get all chummies together for a night, singing Sara G hits loudly to each other's faces, you may hop on over to my personal Facebook page to find out how you can score free tickets. See you after the jump!

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