5 Things I Learned During Araw ng Dabaw 2017

7:43:00 PM

I learned five things from the mall shows I attended and from rubbing-elbows with the artistas pre-show: 

Before we proceed, check out Katkatrocks! YouTube channel for interview videos with Kapuso stars (as of posting, I've yet to upload most of the videos) and outtakes of this katkat experience. 

  1. Never come late, especially for a musical extravaganza or you'll end up seeing this instead of the actual stage. Swerte na if makita mo pa buhok ng artista.

Your VIP ticket can't and won't save you. I tried. I failed. Either the directive for the security really was to not let anyone enter na OR afraid na si Kuya Security sa high-na-high fans.

  1. Stay away from the stairs leading to the stage. Especially if a hot guy is performing.

It seems fangirls are rowdier and have lesser impulse control than guys. 

Or they do this eye thing na mura'g mangaon.

  1. You're never too old for baby boys who dance sexy - and throw you a piercing gaze while at it. 

  1. Or for hotties with mesmerizing eyes.

  1. Outtakes are the best part. Take plenty.
  2. Lastly, always dress up and look like you're going to interview artistas. Because you might end up doing just that - which was exactly what happened last Thursday. I expected to just be attending a media meeting but ended up walking into a room with Dennis Trillo in it.

Wear heels while you're at it especially if you're 5 feet under. The artistas might be impossibly tall and tiptoe-ing can only do so much.

    Thanks #TeamDDI, #KapusoBrigade, and Ayala Abreeza Malls for this super fun katkat experience! <3

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