Aliwagwag Falls - Maka-Fall

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11. Before you head home, how about taking a detour that’s only 1 hour away and will take your breath away: The Aliwagwag Falls.
Aliwagwag Falls

Aliwagwag Falls Davao Oriental

monkey walk Aliwagwag Falls

Aliwagwag Falls

You know how you have these friends who constantly chase waterfalls? I’m not that friend. But I just end up being in these beautiful waterfalls because laagan my friends. But even when I’m just your average joiner na travel gal, I couldn’t help but be impressed with Aliwagwag. Ma-fall ka sa place. It’s only the highest waterfalls in the Philippines...lang naman. It’s a series of 130 cascading waterfalls.

Another impressive aspect of Aliwagwag is how they turned it into a nature park. The structures are so cleverly and beautifully designed. They are really in harmony with the natural beauty of the falls and the trees surrounding it.

Entrance Fee: Adult – Php 50.00 Children – Php 10 Table and Chair rental – Php 75.00
Activities: Monkey Bridge – Php 50.00 Zipline – Php 200 Monkey Bridge and Zipline – Php 225.00

See Aliwagwag and the rest of Davao Oriental with The World Heritage Eco Adventure Tour by It will really rock your summer 2017. Don't believe me? Check out the hashtag #rocksummer on Instagram for more photos.

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