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I have the fondest memories of Mati, a town of white sand beaches and waves ideal for surfing that is approximately a 4-hour drive from Davao City. Mati is pretty much the only place I'm really familiar with in Davao Oriental and I love it the most for three reasons.

Dahican Beach Mati

Dahican Mati

So when a spot opened to fill in for someone for Visit Davao Fun Sale, I had to grab it. A lot of history there, no?

I was plenty surprised how there's actually so much more you can do in DavOr and Mati in particular. Check out all the fun things you can do in the region in just two days.

Our Route. Friday and Saturday.

1. Have breakfast or lunch at Davao Oriental Welcome Park. The last time I was in this part of Davao was two years ago and I don’t remember this spot particularly appealing. Then again, you don’t get to stop over when hindi private vehicle or pakyawan ang van for Mati. So if you ever want to make the most of your DavOr Tour, it’s better to get the package. This site holds a fun sale every summer.

2. See the Sleeping Dinosaur. I think this is a staple in any itinerary involving Mati. They’ve also added a shed now for when the sun gets too hot for comfort. “No dating” nga lang. *smirks*

The Sleeping Dinosaur in Mati
Tulog lang, bes.

Bleh! Buti nga sa inyo, foreverers! 

3. Subangan Provincial Museum. Our third stop was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect to find a museum in a place known for its beaches and built at a quality that would bring many top cities to shame.

You’ll see a preserved bone of the largest sperm whale captured in the Philippines in the middle of the museum.

Davor the sperm whale

Davor the sperm whale

There’s also the lifelike feel of the biodiversity you can find at Mount Hamiguitan. It’s the only World Heritage UNESCO Site in Mindanao; there are six in the Philippines. We didn’t get to visit it. Something to do with a really bad weather a day before, affecting the roads.

Mt. Hamiguitan Exhibit

Mount Hamiguitan Exhibit

Mount Hamiguitan Exhibit

4. See Mati from 300 feet above the ground via the ultralight plane of
Mindanao Saga Flying Club Mati

ultralight planes Mati

5. Visit the Provincial Capitol. It’s beautifully designed inside and out. A great backdrop for those souvenir vacation photos.

provincial capitol of Davao Oriental

provincial capitol in Mati

provincial capitol of Davao Oriental

6. Eat their famous empanada which you can buy at Seaside Restaurant. We ate ours by the seaside...

7. Get surf lessons at Dahican Beach. They cost about Php500. And I should sound more enthusiastic except we only got that one chance to hit the beach and afternoon pa of our first day. Dog. Tired.

8. Pose with the I Love Mati sign. Because it’s super okay to be cheesy in Mati.

I love Mati sign in Dahican

9. Take a stroll sa beach come nighttime. Have a few drinks. Ganda ng resort that hosted our stay: Dahican Cove. This is literally where we had our dinner and late night cheka and drinks.

10. Sidetrip to Pusan Point, it’s where the sun rises first. This is probably my favorite stop because the rock formation and crashing waves feel and look so majestic. I couldn’t help but drop my jaw in awe.

It’s a 1-hour and 30-minute drive from Mati. We were supposed to go there during the sunrise to sort-of experience the millennial sunrise but we couldn’t resist the night breeze and our fancy tambayan in number 9 which was just across our rooms.

11. Before you head home, how about taking a detour that’s only 1 hour away and will take your breath away: The Aliwagwag Falls.

Aliwagwag Falls Davao Oriental

See more of Aliwagwag Falls here.

Experience this World Heritage Eco Adventure Tour by logging on to visitdavaofunsale.com. It will really rock your summer 2017, social media hashtag: #rocksummer

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