Why I Love Mati

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Three reasons why I love Mati:

1. Mati was the destination of my first takas from the mother's kahigpitan while under her roof. I just graduated from college and a few friends wanted to overnight in Mati. The group was co-ed and it would seem like we were pairing up. So obviously, dili jud ko sugtan had I asked. I had to lie. I told her I was on my way to Eden.

She saw my postcard from Masao.

2. Parents of a good friend live in Mati. Accommodations and food were libre for me and the girls. So pamasahe lang, getaway na. It was the perfect escape from the city life. My friend lives in the UK now so I haven't been there as much as I would have wanted.

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3. Summerfrolic. Nuff said.

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There's more reasons to love Mati too! Find out what fun things you can do there in my Davao Oriental post.

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