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I love dogs. Even if I had a love-hate relationship with them for about 16 years because napaakan ko when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Once bitten, ten times scared. My fear lasted way until my early 20s. But even when there was the fear, I've always had the strangest urge to pet them.

Fortunately, an ex-boyfriend rid me of my fear by letting me pet dogs under his supervision. Which is well and good as I wouldn’t have had the incredible experience I had at a dog cafe had I been riddled with fear when I was there.

Two weeks ago, Pawsome Dog Cafe opened here in Davao City and attending their grand opening was perhaps one of the best cafe experience I’ve had in a long time for three reasons:

1. It’s such a sunny cafe. It’s all good vibes when you’re there. The interior was airy, light and comfy - this makes the place very ideal for Instagram photos of yourself, your food or your pets. 

Al Fresco area
2. The food and drinks were amazing! And they’ve gourmet dog food too for your furry friend at very affordable prices - great chance to treat your favorite buddy.

3. Playing with the dogs is nakakatanggal stress. These are dog breeds most don’t get the chance to meet let alone play with every day. It’s such a great way to meet your favorite breed/s in person and in one place! Dogs na you probably only see and "awww" at on the internet most days.

There are two ways to enjoy the cafe: bring your own dog or play with the dogs in the Pawsome Dog House. 

Important: Guest dogs are not allowed to go inside the dog house and play with the in-house dogs everyone including your furry pets' safety.

The Dog Cafe

Want to bring your dog? Here are important things to remember:

  1. One dog per guest only.
  2. Dog Diapers. Since the cafe has no way of knowing if a dog is trained or not and since most dogs would leave markings when they're in a new place, Pawesome requires all dogs to wear diapers. They also sell diapers at the cafe - in case you forget to bring one.
  3. Clean up after your dog. You’ll be responsible for cleaning up your own pet’s mess.
  4. All breeds are allowed including aspins but...
  5. Health or vaccination card is required. Pawesome wants the place to be safe and secure for both dogs and their favorite human. So they'll be checking health cards to ensure they're up to date. 
  6. Large dogs will have to stay at the Al Fresco area since the cafe is a bit tiny to accommodate all of your dogs. Pawsome would like to keep the place open to dogs of all sizes by accommodating tiny to medium ones first inside the cafe.
  7. No petting of other guests' dogs with consent. Since we aren't always sure of each dog's temperament, Pawsome suggests to ask owners' first if it's okay if you can pet their dog and not jump right at it agad-agad.
  8. Leash is required for untrained dogs. Keep them close too for everyone’s safety. 
  9. No need to bring dog food because they have Pawsome Power Meals for dogs - which veer from the usual food your pup may be served at home. They’re all natural; no preservatives. The power meals are affordable at Php80, Php90 and Php100. They’re made of brown rice, malunggay, carrots, corn and choice of pork liver, chicken and pork. The Pawsome Power Meals are prepared outside of the restaurant and brought in for sale, packed. 

The Dog House 

Want to go inside the dog house?

The highlight of this cafe are the dogs themselves. The owners of Pawsome have no less than their very own furry friends house in the quaint dog house right next to the cafe. The owners are animal lovers who want to share their love for dogs to other dog lovers. They also want to encourage people to have their own dogs open people to the idea of owning their own dog one day by giving them a feel of what it’s like playing with dogs and having one. To get inside the dog house, here's what you need to keep in mind.

1. You need to purchase specific drinks from the menu that's worth Php190 and Php220.

Php190 drinks include:
Milk Tea
Iced Tea
Cafe Latte
Cafe Americano
Cafe Mocha
Cafe Macchiato
Green Tea Latte

Php220 drinks are:
Hazel Almond
Salted Caramel
Cream Cheese Cupcake (it's a drink!)
Java Chocolate
Java Caramel
Choice of any milkshake that they have

2. Sign a waiver and get your passes (stubs) from the counter.
3. You can choose whether you'll wait for your drinks or have them delivered to you at the dog house.
4. Each meal entitles you to one gate pass that's worth 1 hour and 30 minutes at the dog house.
5. You'll need to wear socks and slippers before you can get inside the dog house. The slippers will be provided but the socks, you can bring or buy at the cafe.
6. Each pass will also give you access to one locker in the dog house where you'll have to leave your things and shoes.
7. Hand sanitizers and alcohol will be provided at the entrance of the dog house to make sure your hands are clean when you're petting the dogs.
8. You're only allowed to pet the dogs and not carry them. You can only carry them with the help and supervision of the pet guards in the dog house. This is important because if you fail to comply, you'll be responsible for any harm caused to the dog.
9. You can bring cameras inside but no flash photography inside the dog area. We want to make sure their eyes are cared for.
10. Kids 12 years old and below are only allowed to go inside if they have adults 18 and above with them. So that's two passes. The adult must make sure they pay close attention to children since rough playing, back riding and running are not allowed inside.

Pawsome is also open to adopting dogs if you’re going on vacation and you need a great team to look after your dog. They’ve partnered with Designer Dogs Salon and Suites and the quality of their service is evident in how clean and humot the dogs are in the dog house of Pawsome Dog Cafe - sooo huggable!

Pawsome Dog Cafe is located at Door 5 Autoville Building, F. Torres St., Davao City, Davao del Sur.

Big, huge, massive thanks to the owners of Dog Cafe for being such wonderful hosts during the grand opening! 

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