Secrets of Eve Day and Night Kit - A Review

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My face had not been in the best of shape until recently. A good friend decided to help me out by setting me up with an easy daily regimen: a day and night kit from SoE.

I started back in November 2016; now I’m lookin’ the best I’ve been.

All I really want in life are better pores. I don't even ask to have seemingly invisible ones, only na they appear significantly less. Currently, my pores aren't perfect but their size have considerably reduced. Of course, I've a few more ka-charcharan na ginabuhat to complement my SoE that's why ani na my face:

Here's my experience with each product of my SoE kit:

Orange Whitening Soap - It was recommended I let it stay on longer before I wash it off. But of course I'd wash it off in just about 15 seconds. Because I don’t like a super white face, I just really want a smoother one. Just a pore-less no-makeup canvas.

Skin Toner - Doesn't really sting like what most people I asked about it have experienced. I figure my face is just makapal and not as sensitive.

Pore Minimizer - I really think I don’t give it enough time than it needs. I barely sleep more than 5 hours so if you can leave it on much longer, I think the results would be faster.

Vitamin ACED Gel - This, I use around my eyes. Because anything with vitamins is good for the eyes. My own logic. It's not sticky and it's light on the skin. I apply it on my face and neck too. This is probably my favorite of all, next to the pore minimizer. Ito yung pinakaunang naubos.

Sunblock Whitening Lotion SPF 60 - I struggled with this the most the first two weeks. It’s a bit runny so I can't control how it gushes out of the tube. I always end up having more of the product than I need. The excess I use on my shoulders. I liberally apply this and I still have plenty from my first kit.

Ivory Cream - I struggle just a little bit with this one when I started micropeeling. I ended up having really tiny patches of white - but this usually goes away when the product and the sunblock have settled on the skin which takes around 5 minutes.

The SOE's day look and finish are more matte than I would normally go for and it also stays matte even after sweating a lot. I expected it to go dewy and it didn’t. If you’re aiming for the look, then all’s well and good. Just add a bit of kilay, concealer, some eye shadow and lipstick and you’re all set.

I’m very low maintenance, aka tamad when it comes to makeup so I was really looking for something to repair my skin while wearing makeup. And SOE made it possible. My dark spots from my breakouts of 2016 went away and my pores have improved. It’s not perfect but it’s getting there. I strongly advise you don’t use your pore minimizer in the morning and also keep away from extended exposure sa sun. If you’re in the beach or expecting long exposure, I’d suggest to double up on the SPF and use a sweat and/or water-proof sunblock. SOE is first and foremost a skin care kit, not makeup. It’s best to help it out with a little extra protection.

You can get this kit at SoE Bajada Davao. I got mine at Door E, TMNT building, Doña Vicenta Drive Bajada, Davao City. They also have a Kidapawan Branch: Door 4, KMCC Compound, Dayao St., Kidapawan City. You can like their Facebook page too for details, orders, further inquiries and even occasional promos!

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