Dining at Boxed Up Davao

4:29:00 AM

It's the first warehouse food park in Davao and I have to say I was overwhelmed at first because I didn't know what to expect. It comes with the territory that we get free food also so that was another reason to be dumbfounded for a few minutes.

Here's a quick video of my Boxed-Up experience:

To sum it up, Boxed Up is a warehouse-style food court with plenty of food choices from appetizers to full-on meals to meal-enders (my meal ender are usually coffee and dessert).

The interior also has plenty of spaces for great IG photos.

Boxed Up! opens its doors to the general public tomorrow at 5:00pm - on a Friday too so you can TGIF with friends. It's located at Surveyor Road, Dona Vicenta Village, Bajada (at the back of Chowking).

See you there!

Special thanks to Sir Gatchi Gatchalian and Davao Digital Influencers for the sweet passes to media night!

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