Sony x Metro Plaza launches speaker that's perfect for every Filipino home

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The Muteki V90DW is for you...

If you think you can throw off a better party than the club you went to last week.
If there’s a party animal lurking inside you.
If your friends  love hanging out in your house and you actually don’t mind throwing them the “night of their life” - being the gracious, fun host that you are.
You like to throw loud parties in general.
Karaoke is life.
Music is life.
Party is life.

Maybe not a good idea if you’re renting a room

Good idea if you’ve a large space and have extra cash this Christmas to invest in fun and happiness.

So this is a 3-part series with all the new Sony products we had the chance to experience and learn two weeks ago at Sony Center in Abreeza two weeks ago. It was a classy event filled with so many surprises. Since, the products themselves were a surprise to me, I'm going to be writing about those. ]

In this post, we'll talk about my personal favorite, the MuTeKi or the V90DW.

I think every Filipino family has to have this - since we're such music lovers. The Mu-Te-Ki is such a work of art and wonder. I'm both a party girl and frustrated singer and this is probably the only home appliance I know that addresses those favorite pastimes.

Sony’s brand new all-in-one speaker is named Muteki and here's why I think every Filipino home should have it.

1. It let’s you karaoke and enjoy the club at the same time.

2. It lets you play DJ in your own house - it has drum pads and gesture controls.

3. It has built-in party lights. They even flash to the beat of the music!

4. It plays songs from your phone’s playlist via Bluetooth.

5. It lets you plug in your guitar.

6. It’s about as tall as your single-door refrigerator. Big enough to be an item piece in your home; portable enough so you can move it around wherever you want the party to be.

Investment: About 33k if cash, and 2,730+/month if in installment.

Visit any Sony Center (Gaisano Mall and Abreeza Mall) or Metro Plaza store nearest you to experience the Muteki for yourself.

Don't forget to share your experience in the comments box! 

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