The AirAsia Red Hot Party in Davao

10:10:00 AM

The Announcement

A post was up in our group, calling for bloggers to join the Air Asia Red Hot Party. For a self-confessed party girl, you know this was one of those events I didn't want to miss.

"AirAsia, in collaboration with STRE3Ts Urban Lifestyle Pub, Blah blah blah Kitchen and Bar, and The Bright Side, will rock Davao's party scene with the very first Air Asia Red Hot Party in Davao. November 18, 2017 at the STRE3TS Compound."

I didn't get a media pass.

Since the announcement was catch and so was the event itself, it's only natural many people would want in. I couldn't type in my details fast enough to get the media pass.

Thankfully, the organizers, PREP, said you’d get VIP if you have your boarding passes or itinerary for 2017. I had but one trip outside Davao City this year - and it was with Air Asia.


Event Night

Came in late…

The Tita in me kicked in: I wanted to just stay home and not do anything but sleep. Except, I remembered how I had to:

  • request an off for this, 
  • searched around the mall for a top, and 
  • even got into an argument with the boyfie because I take too long to find stuff.
So all that trouble for nothing is worse than a hangover.

Off I went...

Didn’t regret it one bit that I decided to go.

Some of my favorite people were there including Pen of, who is always a blast to hangout with - even if we do have a love-hate relationship going just because.

When I arrived Thea was playing and that really got me hyped up. No, I’m not familiar with their music, I’m not a follower of indie music BUT, I can appreciate a good beat.

Highlights of the evening were…

  1. The paper airplanes with the FREE RT tickets to domestic and international flights - of their choice. I didn’t win but it was fun shouting without even trying. Check out my YouTube vid of the night
  2. The photos from the booth were extremely flattering.
  3. I won a free shirt for wearing RED lipstick. Yay!
  4. I got a free VIP drink from THE Davao Food Guide, Dianne. Thank you, dzai!
  5. Patty Tiu. Too pretty. It’s heartbreaking. Also super talented-and she played one of my anthems this year: TSwift’s Look What You Made Me Do.
It was a good night all in all.

And before I sign off.

The AirAsia Red Hot Party is a celebration of the airline's 9th year being the World's Best Low-Cost Airline by Skytrax. AirAsia and guests (myself included) partied the night away to the beats of DJ Niel Recinto and DJ Julian Rodriguez, along with Davao's favorite bands Anne Mendoza, Thea, and Nairud Sa Wabad. And of course, THE Patty Tiu.

The AirAsia Red Hot Party is just the beginning of a good relationship between AirAsia and the City of Davao. AirAsia eyes Davao as one of their main points of business in the Philippines.

As of today, AirAsia has 5 domestic flights from Davao. They now fly from Davao to Kalibo, Puerto Prinsesa, Cebu, Clark, and Manila. In addition to these flights is Air Asia’s first international flight from Davao to Kuala Lumpur which started this December.

Log on to RIGHT NOW to check out these Kuala Lumpur deals. Last I checked, the round trip ticket Dvo-KL was 3K+ for next year January to February dates. They might still have those. Happy scouting!

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