Hirna App Brings Davao Taxis Under One Service!

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Are long taxi queues one of the downers of your day?

Do you wish there were more taxis in hard-to-reach places?

Have you been charged with a booking fee that you felt was way too much especially since you just got a discount from last night?

Do you wish the taxis you get weren't so far away? (You're hailing a cab over a jeep to get to a place on time, for crying out loud!)

Don't you wish that cab you got after walking miles from your house because you couldn't get one through an app had its own taxi-hailing app?

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My Holiday Story

I was 30 minutes away from the city and was just a few minutes from the airport some time during the holidays.

I tried using an app to get me home ASAP but couldn't get one.

I saw a lot of taxis gathered on the airport on the map. None of them picked up my call.

While I am grateful for taxi-hailing apps to have finally served the market for cab riders, at that time, I only wish there were more taxis to hail - and that they weren't so picky.

Wish there were more taxis to hail!

Thankfully, Hirna is "here na!" And I have high hopes for it.

It's currently available on Android and will be on iOS this January.

Here's what Hirna is about: 

Hirna brings as many taxis in one taxi-hailing platform. Download one app, and you'll have access to most taxis in the city.

Thanks to PR Works, this blogger got invited to the launch of the Hirna taxi-hailing app.

Mayor Sara Duterte graced the launch of  the new taxi hailing app that brings together most taxis in Metro Davao under one service and wows Dabawenyo taxi passengers on December 19,
2017 at the Davao City Hall.

With a name that plays with the phrase “here now” to symbolize speed and convenience, Hirna is an
LTFRB accredited taxi hailing app that connects the most number of taxis in Davao City.

According to Avis Philippines President & CEO, Francisco Mauricio, Hirna is a must-have app for those who regularly ride cabs in the country's biggest city in terms of land area. Avis Philippines is the developer of the Hirna taxi hailing app.

As Many Taxis Under One Platform - for faster, more efficient service

It was borne out of the recognition that the public transport system, specially taxis, need to elevate
to become more efficient, convenient, comfortable, fast and secure. And this can only be done by
placing as many taxis as possible operating under one powerful hailing platform. This means taxis
using Hirna will be acting as One Team united by the common goal of giving the best taxi service to
the riding public.

No Turn-Downs, No Booking Fees

“With Hirna, we deliver premium passenger service with no turn-downs, booking fees, or price
surges,” added Mr. Mauricio.

24/7 Hotline for those without the app

On top of these, Hirna also has the advantage of having a 24/7 booking hotline so those without the
app can still avail of the Hirna service.

A Partnership of Trusted Brands 

All of this was made possible because of the close collaboration between Avis Global and Avis
Philippines for the infrastructure backbone, Globe Telecom as a network partner, and the Metro
Davao Taxi Association encouraging local taxi operators to be part of the service.

Homegrown - understands what the Davaoeno needs

“Being a homegrown service that embodies and champions unique Dabawenyo values guarantees
strong support from local partners and patronage by the local passengers,” said Atty. Rogelio Largo,
President of the Metro Davao Taxi Association.

Going National

After Davao, the Hirna team is eyeing nationwide expansion for the taxi hailing app in the coming
months, saying its roots in disciplined, secure, and completely crime-free Davao should be a model for all the other key cities in the country.

Your Safety in Mind

Complete driver details with rating are visible via the app plus the LTFRB hotline and 24/7 Hirna
customer service hotline to ensure safe and secure travels.

Helps Lessen Traffic

By maximizing taxi usage as opposed to adding new ride hailing vehicles, the Hirna team hopes the
app will help lessen traffic congestion and air pollution on the road.

Hirna also has the LTFRB hotline numbers featured in the app. And more amazing new functionalities will be added every few weeks.

“Developed with Davao and by Davao, Hirna matches peace of mind with comfort and convenience
for every Dabawenyo and very soon all Filipinos,” said Atty. Largo.
LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra, who is also a Dabawenyo, is one of the special guests during the

Soon enough the rest of the country, will be enjoying Hirna’s service and get a taxi when they need it
without the booking fee, surge pricing, or turn-downs from abusive taxi drivers. Hirna transforms all
taxis to what they should be, and it’s finally here.

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